Cooper Discoverer ATR tire Is it good? Technical Sheet + Product Analysis

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When it comes to changing your vehicle's tires, especially if you enjoy adventure and have an off-road spirit , but don't want to be on hand on the asphalt track, the tire market offers some options. For further details, go here: cooper adventurer h/t review

Among these options is the Cooper Discoverer ATR tire.

The acronym ATR stands for all-terrain , that is, tires suitable for both asphalt and light off-road . Is the Cooper Discoverer ATR tire good? What are its technical characteristics and is its cost-benefit worth it?


Cooper is a North American tire manufacturer, widely publicized. It has several lines of tires and this is one of them. As these tires are not manufactured in Brazil, a large part of their evaluation can be found on websites abroad.

One of the first features that stands out in the Cooper Discoverer ATR is the white lettering on the side of the tire. This is a feature that appeals to classic vehicle owners quite a lot, but is not usually found in off-road tires .

The treadwear of this tire is high (500) and its tread has a symmetrical design, in association with large blocks, which allows the drainage of water or mud. It is the tire to be used in vehicles such as Mitsubishi L200, Pajero, Toyota Hilux and SW4.

2018 Recall

The major disadvantage of this tire line that broke consumer confidence somewhat was a recall that was made for some Cooper tires (among which, the Cooper Discoverer was included).


This recall was made due to a defect in the design and / or manufacture, or assembly of the product, according to the report by the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship, Procon SP .


Which Vehicles is the Cooper Discoverer ATR Tire For?

The Cooper Discoverer tire is indicated for 4 Ă— 4 vehicles or with off-road characteristics , such as Mitsubishi L200, Pajero, Toyota Hiluw and SW4, for example.

How Much Does Cooper Discoverer ATR Cost?

Although there are many differences between the markets, it is possible to find the Cooper Discoverer ATR tire at a price of R $ 541.40 (rim 16) .

Do you have guarantees?

A 5-year warranty against tire manufacturing defects is offered.

What are the Alternatives for the Cooper Discoverer ATR Tire?

Anyone looking for another ATR tire line may have the option of Pirelli Scorpion ATR, with a higher price, but with excellent performance and equal indication.

Another option is the Bridgestone Dueler A / T tire , also with the same indication and cheaper price.

Where to Buy the Cooper Discoverer Tire at a Good Price? Have you decided that the Cooper Discoverer ATR tire is good and want to save money when buying?

When shopping, choosing a reliable online store is not always easy. There are a lot of scams and those low-price promises can be a decoy to problems…

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